The Kelabit Highlands

Bario, Ba'Kelelan, Long Seridan, Long Llelang and the Penan Settlements.

Bario in the Kelabit Highlands of Sarawak is also a favourite optional trip for those keen on jungle trekking; with no roads in or out of Bario, you have to go as everyone else does - on foot! The cooler climate and hilly landscape combined with the friendliness of the people make this a memorable trip.


Rice padi fields                  Longhouse visit

High up in the mountains, beyond Mulu and close to the border with Indonesian Kalimantan lie the Kelabit Highlands, named after the predominant tribe in the area.

There are no roads in and out of Bario and many of the other villages, only jungle trails. Distances are measured in hours or days on foot; all luxuries like petrol ($15 a gallon!) or Coca-Cola have to be flown in by air. This is a rural air service operated at present by the Twin Otter aircraft of Malaysian Airlines, and a new charter service just started using a similar Dornier light aircraft. (Flights fill up weeks in advance.)

Facilities are quite primitive by "modern" standards and the food is mostly rice and home grown vegetables. Wild boar is hunted and eaten most days when in season. There are superb walks in and around Bario (you will meet almost everyone if you stay a few days!) and good jungle trekking to nearby Kelabit villages and Penan settlements. Reckon on 4 - 8 hours walking per day, if going to other villages and longhouses, some of it inevitably in  rain and mud. But the climate is so much cooler (around 22 to 25C in the daytime and quite chilly at night). Sometimes the odd night has to be spent at jungle shelters en route if the distances are too great. We can supply suitable (rubber) walking shoes for the slippery paths. Your base in Bario will be "De Plateau Lodge" run by Douglas Monney Bala and his wife Millie; her cooking is praised from valley to mountain top and he, Douglas, is also known as "Tolong Ribu" (the man who helps a thousand others) - enough said!


Bario Asal                                                                                                                                    Arur Dalan Longhouse

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