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“…. don’t change a thing!”                                          

Margaret Kenny, Co. Tipperary, Ireland  - July 1999

“We loved the place and the kind people. Had a perfect stay; we will come back again.”

                                                                                                        Hans & Lisa Oostenbrink, Holland.    May 2000      

“We thoroughly enjoyed our trip, everything was excellent and very authentic, which I think is very important.

Borneo is a wonderful place, the people in the travel arena including Hotel staff are in my opinion the best in Malaysia...We had an awful experience following Borneo when we went to Tioman Island; we were booked in for 10 days expecting the pleasures of one of the worlds most beautiful Islands...Total disappointment, we cut short our trip to 3 days and went to Penang instead.

I have expressed our delights with Borneo to many people since our return, and we will certainly return to Borneo to sample the delights we didn't have time for this time...”

                                                     Ian Maylard-Mason, Cunard Travel.  April 2001

Hi Mike
We had the most amazing holiday!  Many thanks to our guides - Joey and Jamie. We know Joey has now left to join the police force and we wish him well.  Jamie - we can't say enough about him, there is nothing he doesn't know about the river.  We were very impressed and have not stopped talking about the trip, recommending and giving the website to all.
Many thanks for your help.
We will be back - in the right season - hopefully next year - definitely before 2 years.

Gabi and Rob   November 2002


The discovery tour was really good and the accommodation in Sukau was better than our guide had made out. Our guides for this trip were excellent and really knew their stuff. I think the mountain climb was probably the hi-light although it nearly killed us. It rained solidly on our first ascent but the following day was beautiful. We managed to descend quite quickly much to the surprise of our guide. We were very grateful of the 2 Singapore stops and would maybe have preferred an extra day there. It is a wonderful city and the hotels are excellent and very reasonably priced. I would recommend any one coming from the UK to make the stop as it is a nice bit of luxury after all the trekking and breaks up the travel.

Julian Evans, VERCO, U.K.  Xmas 2001

Fantastic holiday, enjoyed every aspect, especially meeting local people. All of the guides were excellent and all of the accommodation was excellent even when roughing it with the mosquitoes!. The climate was hot but bearable. The whole experience was magical.

anon (feedback form)

I really enjoyed myself at the lodge and it was all I expected. On Saturday I did parts of several of your walks that I had printed from the web but couldn't complete a couple of them due to flooding as my walking boots are only good to about 6 inches of water. The paddy fields of walk 2 were under water as was the path just after the metal bridge of walk 4 and I wasn't brave (or foolish) enough to "make your way across fields back to the Lodge" since the crops were about chest high.

Your balcony must be the most pleasant place that I have set up my laptop to do a little necessary work. If I have some spare time next time in Miri I'll certainly be back to the lodge. Please pass on my thanks to the old folks.

Jon Elphick May 2004


The Lodge in Miri was extremely welcome! Very friendly, wonderful hot showers and brilliant opportunity to wash clothes! The food was great. The pool was probably my favourite thing after the long, hot flight.

Bario was a fantastic experience. It is hard to explain to people the contrasts of the long houses - open fires for cooking but full AV set up for watching Britney Spears videos! The people were extremely friendly and coped with my vegetarianism brilliantly (except for one morning when the veggies were fried in fresh venison lard, but I think that’s forgivable!). I surprised myself at the amount of trekking achieved, became a local legend with my time from Da Pali to Ramundu and was certainly sorry to leave.  Douglas is a fantastic host and Millie the best cook in Kelabit country!

The stay at the Seaside Inn was fantastic. I have the most amazing photos of sunset over the south China sea taken from the terrace. We recommended it to a guy we met in Sandakan and were pleased to see him there a few days later.

Mount Kinabulu climb was exhausting and awesome. I have framed enlargements of the sunrise from the summit on my bedroom wall to inspire me as I wake each morning. The lodge is basic except for the hot water, true luxury!

Jungle camp was undoubtedly my favourite experience; it felt like Never-never land! The closeness to the animals is wonderful; you don’t even need to see them, just knowing you’re sharing their neighbourhood is enough.

Uncle Tan was an amazing person, very kind and welcoming. I was sad to learn he passed away and glad that I had the opportunity to meet him.

Sepilok was a disappointment at first, so many tourists! But the film explaining what they do makes you appreciate the value. And I did get to see lots of orang-utans!

anon (feedback form)

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