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Sarawak + Sabah  (Itinerary)   -    2 weeks  

  Day 1     Arrive PM - transfer to Lodge (Luxury Hotel £20 a night extra)  - wash, change, and adjourn to dinner venue. Dinner al fresco - crab, prawns, tofu, squid (kali mares), with plentiful drinks of fresh coconut, beer or Soya bean.

Day 2     Wake up late - swim - large,  lazy breakfast. Explore surroundings. Visit beach.

Day 3     Day trip to Lambir National Park (click on these underlined links if you want to see some photos). About one hour's drive through the "back roads"; visit Iban Longhouse, Agricultural college and palm-oil plantation on the way to Lambir. Jungle walk (easy) 20 minutes - rock pools - swim and picnic. Return for sundown.

Day 4     Leave midday for Mulu. Light aircraft to Mulu airfield - transfer to Resort Hotel beside the river (20 feet up in the jungle!). Meals, transfers, guide, boat trips all inclusive.

Day 5 & 6     Exploring Mulu. Deer Cave, Lang's Cave, Clearwater Cave; Penan Settlement and artifacts. Boat trip along the unspoilt Melinau River. Home to the comforts of Royal Mulu Resort Hotel - 4-star luxury in the jungle thousands of miles (and years?) from home!

Day 7     Return to Miri; overnight at Lodge.

Day 8 - 12     Trip to Kinabalu ; staying at Seaside Travellers Inn. Visit the Mountain (or climb it?). Visit the Coral Islands. Snorkeling, beach holiday or riding - as you wish.

Day 13 Return to Miri; overnight at Lodge. Farewell barbecue party.

Day 14 Flight back home ........................

To include all accommodation  in Sarawak and Sabah (Miri, Mulu, and Kinabalu),  return flights to Mulu and Kinabalu and airport transfers.

Not included are any entrance fees, taxis, tips, meals and incidental expenses.  As a guide, meals range from RM (Malaysian Ringgit) 15 per person (about £3), eating at cafes and small restaurants (even cheaper at roadside stalls!), to RM 60 (£10) or more at Resort Hotels. The general cost of living is very cheap.

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